Hephzibah Organic Farm

He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work.
He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate — bringing forth food from the earth.
[Psalm 104:13-14]

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Have Fresh, Keep Healthy, Be Joyful

Hephzibah Organic Farm is a family-owned certificated organic farm, located in Riverhead, Long Island of New York. We grow organic mushrooms and vegetables, raise free range animals (chickens, ducks, goats, etc.), provide prepared food (ginger duck, organic beef mushroom dumplings, etc.), and host events (e.g. weddings, parties, family gatherings, fellowships, art exhibitions, light shows, etc.).

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We offer a list of fresh organic food grown from the land:

  • Mushroom(蘑菇): Shiitake Mushroom (香菇), Oyster Mushroom (蚝菇/平菇), Lion's Mane Mushroom (猴头菇), ...
  • Vegetable(蔬菜): Tomato (西红柿), Cherry Tomato (小番茄), Bok Choy (四季青), Lattuce (生菜), Potato (土豆), Sweet Potato (红薯), Carrot (胡萝卜), Raddish (萝卜), Cabbage (大白菜), Snow Peas (雪豆), Celery (芹菜), Chive (韭菜), Sweet Corn (甜玉米), Eggplant (茄子), Green Pepper (青椒), ...
  • Squash/Fruit(瓜果): Cucumber (黄瓜), Bottle Gourd (葫芦), Zucchini (西葫芦), Pumpkin (南瓜), Watermelon (西瓜), Pear (梨), Date (枣), ...
  • Microgreens(芽菜): Soybean Sprout (黄豆芽), Mung Bean Sprout (绿豆芽), Pea Sprout (豌豆苗), ...
  • Eggs(蛋类): Free Range Chicken Eggs (土鸡蛋), Duck Eggs (鸭蛋), ...
  • Meat(肉类): Farm Chicken (走地鸡), Duck (鸭), Goat (山羊), ...
  • Prepared food(熟食): Ginger Duck (姜母鸭), Beef Mushroom Dumplings (牛肉香菇水饺), ...

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Besides farming and producing organic food, we also host many events on the farm: weddings, birthday parties, concerts, light shows, family gatherings, corporate team buildings, church fellowships, camping, campfires, and so on. Our Summer Camping Program offers outdoor survival training for youth. In our three large studios, you can learn painting from our professional artists, make handicrafts, and pottery. Our current hosting capacity is up to 150 people per event. Check out our upcoming events

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Hephzibah Organic Farm is supported by our loyal members, in a community where we all believe in organic farming. We welcome everyone who shares the same values to join us! Members of Hephzibah Organic Farm enjoy the following benefits:

  • We offer delivery or local pick-up service for members only.
  • Members can always buy our organic products with the lowest price.
  • Members have higher priority on limited or fresh products, e.g. fresh mushrooms and vegetables, cooked food.
  • Members can visit the farm at anytime, and have a free tour and photo booth.
  • Members have opportunities to join special events, e.g. fresh picking, parent-child activities, cooking classes etc.
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